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She has had such an incredible impact on my spiritual growth thus far that has flowed into my family and has opened doors to connect with other brother and sisters in Christ. Whether it’s for a season or for a lifetime, I thank the Lord for placing her into my life as a mentor/coach and I look forward to our ongoing relationship..

~ Christina

The Discover Strength weekend for me was a life-changing experience I got so much out of it. I believe others can benefit from this retreat to experience who they are as well. I thank God for this experience, and I thank God for the facilitator and creator Janet Garcia.

~ Hillary

Janet Garcia has presented my students a very practical and inspiring message on leadership and God’s weaponry as only she can do it…..from her life examples having served in the military many years. I highly recommend her.

~ Veritas Collegiate Academy
Director of Upper School

Janet has been a great inspiration in helping me to reach my goals in life and anyway she can. I'm so glad she's taken an interest in wanting to help me look and feel better about myself, so I can live longer and enjoy my grand-children. Janet is a good coach and an inspiration not only in my life but also in all the lives she has come across.

~ Angela

Clients can expect to and want other people to FILLED with more DESIRE FOR HOLY SPIRIT. She will teach them how to go to HOLY SPIRIT for answers. Experienced - MORE OF GOD'S AMAZING LOVE AND JOY THRU JANET

~ Stacey

"I had a privilege of meeting Janet in person. Janet was very kind and generous to share her time with me and pray for my worries. As we spoke to God I felt like we were lifted, so light and protected by the Lord. It was an incredible experience. Janet is not only a heart-on-fire-for-Jesus woman, but also a wonderful teacher and a counselor. Her strength was given by God and tested by life."

~ Olga

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