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Spiritual Combat Coaching

Are you suffering from the five deadly “D”’s such as disappointment, discouragement, dejection, despair, and demoralization? God calls us to have our Full Armor (Military Style) on and if you’re missing just one piece of the armor than you are in a battlefield exposed and losing. It’s all about renewing your mind. We must live this life in a fixed combat fight mentality and move forward in action.

Inspired "Dream On"

Do you feel like your always-taking one step forward and two steps back? Are you frustrated in your life path? Do you keep hitting brick walls? Are you seeing failures after failure in business or work endeavors?

Health & Wellness

Do you ever ask yourself how on earth do I eat all the necessary fruits and vegetable my body needs in today’s society. How can I naturally improve my health and the health of my family? Forget about eating all your daily allowances of fruits and vegetables let’s get inspired by Juicing.

Life Plan

Did you know you have the control to set your priorities in place and self-direct success in every area of your life?.

Called For Greater

Connect with your Spiritual DNA Blueprint and reveal your strengths you can build on.


Experience breakthroughs and profound insight when you discover your Strength Finder (Talents) and Spiritual Blueprint. These retreats are specifically designed to develop a deeper and richer understanding of yourself in a serene, peaceful, beach setting. You'll leave confidently towards your divine calling and destiny. Retreats are held several times a year at Free Spirit Sandbridge, Virginia Beach, VA. These retreats serve small women's groups and married couples. Married couples will discover their strengths in order to speak to your spouses heart, learn practical ways through revelatory strength finding discovery and enhance each other to build a stronger relationship.

Speaking Life

Janet loves to speak on topics as a battle strategist and help you navigate through transitions, trials and tribulations to success. We have been called for Greater and it's my mission to help people identify fear in their lives, overcome their fears and combat life with action.


2-Day Workshops are held specifically for women who are desiring to rediscovering themselves through strength finding discovery. Women who find themselves frustrated in life seeking new direction. Many are unfulfilled and see themselves in a hamster wheel or going around the mountain no where fast. These workshops are designed to see women breakthrough brick walls and step forward in confidence. Women who want to rediscover themselves, start a new career or run a business but your not quite sure where to begin. In confidence, you'll no longer question what's next in your life and break through fears. These workshop are well spent to rediscover who you are and step forward in your purpose and future destiny.

Spirit Writing Coach

Do you have a book or books inside of you but you don't know how to get it out? Do you want to get started and you have no idea where to begin? Do you have fear of who will ever read my book or ideas? Have years gone by and you keep kicking yourself, "I need to write this book?" Or you know you don't have time to write but you want to share your story and have someone else do the work. I've walked your shoes and now I can walk along side you and bring you through the process. We will strategize a battle plan to get your book out of your heart, onto paper and printed to see your dreams come true. I will assist you will accountability strategies and tools to see your book in hand and available to the masses. It all starts with you now kick fear in the face and let's get our battle plans ready and combat writing with action! Schedule a 30 minute FREE Consultation on Janet's calendar below.

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