Inspired Services

Spirit Writing Package

  • From Heart to Paper Spirit-led Coaching Weekend Warrior Writers Bootcamp
  • Break through the fear of writing to include support through resources and tools provided. 
  • Strategize your writing battle plans - get clear on what your book is about.
  • Create an outline that inspires you to write consistently.
  • Listen intently to your story, celebrate your creative voice, keep you’re writing motivation and inspire you from start to finish.
  • Provide editorial feedback and advice on where to publish your work.
  • Receive newly released copy of Thirst No More – The Missing Drink to Your Thirsty Soul.
  • Focused writing sessions to get started.
  • We will see your writing from beginning to end with accountability, group encouragement, weekly checkin, prayers and a monthly support group.

Combat Life Coaching
Self-Discovery Package

  • Join the Troop “Called For Greater” Closed FB Support Group
  • Customized Self-Discovery Spirit-led Coaching Sessions for Seven (7) Week Includes initial assessments for Strength Finder & Spiritual Gift Tests.
  • High Accountability with tasks assigned. 
  • Weekly check-in & encouragement.
  • Monthly Group Coaching Video Conference Called “Iron Sharpening Iron”.
  • Start dates every eight weeks.
  • $553.00/$79 a Session Fee for (7) Weeks.

Speaking Event

  • Janet loves to speak on topics as a battle strategist to help the masses identify and breakthrough fear and discover the sleeping giant within.
  • The time spend with God is valuable to your future. The quiet time spent with Him in a noisy world helps to amplify the message God want to bring to your heart.
  • We have been called for “Greater” and it's my mission to help people understand self-identity comes with self-discovery. Fear binds a person from moving forward into purpose and destiny. 
  • Invite Janet to your next conference, workshop, podcast, radio program, teleseminar, webinar or retreat.
  • For Profit Organizations Cost is $533 not to include traveling fees but for Non-Profit Organizations love offerings accepted.

Spiritual Combat
Life Coaching

  • Join the Troop “Called For Greater” Closed FB Support Group
  • Trample the fears in any area of your life. Identify the five deadly “D”’s disappointment, discouragement, dejection, despair, and demoralization.
  • Identify the enemy and gain wisdom on where he gained entry into your life.
  • Discover the tools to help you go from battle weary to a new victorious battle stance.
  • Renewing your mind and combat life with action.
  • One-on-One Coaching Sessions begin anytime.
  • $79 per session

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