A Force to Reckon With – A Mother’s Sense of Purpose Restored


What happens when you raise three or more children and they become school age and you’ve gone from the late night and early morning, raising them out of the house and then all of a sudden instead of picking up toys as a part-time job, cleaning house constantly or having mid-lunch play dates you find yourself looking in the mirror at yourself feeling unfulfilled and wondering what’s next.

I can tell you I have walked this path just the same, I call this, The Mommy Syndrome.” I can tell you I struggled to become a stay-at-home mother even after I heard the Lord tell me after eight years in the United States Marine Corps, “you’re coming home to take care of your family.” I lived in discontentment for more than eleven years. I complained, grumbled and hated monotonous chores. Until, I had an awakening in my Spirit and learned the tactic of the enemy (our adversary) to keep me bound in mental depression, striving and bombarded with feelings of poor self-image and seeking self-identity. Prior to children we as mother’s lose this for a season and find ourselves later feeling alone, empty and in a pit with no place to go.

This personal frustration drove me in desperation to seek God in a quiet place in nature, which conceived the most precious time ever in my life. I sought the voice of God and went from a desert, dryness in my spirit to birth forth in rivers of living water. He helped me to renew my purpose and get passionate about life again.

My passion is to grab a woman by the hand in a deep pit and pull them out to do the following; seek His voice, allow Him to mold you back from feeling unfulfilled and unworthy to the love of being a mother, rediscover themselves, discover passion and purpose towards a woman’s destiny.

God is calling women to be the secret weapon in the Lord’s quiver because when He shoots us out we will be a, “force to be reckoned with.” We’ve all been called for greater and we find it when we get quiet before the Lord, in a prayerful position and say, Lord, there’s a fire in my bones I can’t quench awaken the giant in me so that, I may kick fear in the face and combat my life with action. If you desire to find your self-identity and seek a new path for your life, arise the warrior in you, you can find me at janetgarciainspire.com to learn more about the services I provide. May the Lord meet you we’re you’re at as you learn to dream God’s way and soar!


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