You’re Called For Greater

Did you know you’re created for a greater purpose in life? Many of us live life frustrated, stuck and feel like you’re always going one step forward and two steps back. Why would anyone have to live like this? There is hope. Well, if you feel this way I can relate. I spent more than forty years uncertain of my future, what strengths or talents I have specifically for a greater purpose. I mean I have all that I need a husband, three children, two cars, a home and its blessed life I live. However, there is something inside of me I call the sleeping giant that wants to wake up and do more. I attempted to do many things in my life, and all of them failed. I had worked more than fifteen jobs by the time I was twenty-seven. Finally, I got to a point in my life where I had hit the last brick wall, and I sought guidance from a very reliable source. I identified a pattern of “frustration quit.” I would start something and get to a place of frustration and then quit.

I would begin to embark on a new journey to find myself, spend time with myself and get quiet before a God who was ready to speak to me only when I was ready to hear what He had to say.  I shut off the noise. I stopped speaking with people and did a lot of unnecessary talking. I began to start a series of steps to get me in such a place where only nature could speak to me. I found a place of sanctuary.  On a daily basis, I would run around a local city lake with specific instructions, “don’t put anything in your ears.” So I began running, listening and observing what was around me. A beautiful lake setting, wildlife, leaves changing, sounds of nature, sights of sunrises, leaves shaped like hearts, and birds chirping. Here is where I could begin to hear the still small voice telling me to seek Him more.
To my surprise, I started to learn who I was in the eyes of God and He revealed His love and direction for my life. Fall became winter and winter brought cleansing and clarity in my life. I was directed to attend school to pursue a Master’s Degree at the prestigious, Regent University. Here I was able to experience a miraculous comeback in pursuit of this degree after four other failed attempts in the span of seventeen years.  This degree is not for my purpose but for His. Today, I begin a new journey with hope and aspirations to serve many. Coaching, Speaking, and Writing is not what I ever imagine but seeking God’s heart certainly guides you to places you never dreamed. This is only the beginning. Most importantly, I was directed by the still small voice to be a  ‘diligent student of the Word.” As I was obedient to this call for my life, I was led to many quintessential scriptures but one sticks out to me in this season, and this will help anyone seeking a new path, finding hope of the future and a deep desire to be in the will of God. He has a plan for you, and you’ve been called for Greater. I am confident with direction; I can come along side of you to guide you through the steps it takes to find the greater call and purpose for your life as he did for mine. From this moment forward we can embark on this journey together, “You are of God, little children, and have overcome them because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world” 1st John 4:4.

Be encouraged there’s a He that is in the world which will guide your new path, journey and steps. The key is to get to know Him and hear the way you should go. Janet Garcia Inspire is launching out into the deep, and you’re invited to grab a friend and embark on this journey together. Sign up here for a FREE 30-minute consultation at
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  1. Heather Mann on June 11, 2017 at 2:47 pm

    You are doing an amazing job. Keep pressing….

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