We All Bleed Red

On the week of the Presidential Inauguration, I miraculously won tickets through a Congressman’s Office from Richmond, VA. I never imagined I would have this opportunity. Once I decided I was going to travel to this event, I imagined I would be standing with everyone else without tickets in the National Mall area in front of large television screens. I took a chance to find out how to get tickets to this momentous event and after three calls I was directed to the right office. The gentlemen assured me I still had a chance to submit an email request and enter my name in the inauguration lottery drawing, which would be held in a few more days. Low and behold, by the end of the week, I received an email congratulating me for winning three tickets to the event.

As I made my way to Washington D.C., I had to put on my old military hat and get a plan of attack. With a friend, we traversed our way from the hotel we were staying at, to the Metro train station and then to downtown D.C. area. Our mission was to determine how long it would take us to get to our standing destination the morning of the Inauguration and to find out exactly where we would be standing for Orange ticket holders. While at the Metro train station, we met an African-American man who shared it was his birthday this day. We asked if we could pray for him. He agreed to accept our prayers, and we discussed how the only pray he desired was to thank God for his life. My friend asked him, “What color did he bleed?” He mentioned blue because without the earth and water we wouldn’t exist. He said this jokingly but we all know we all bleed red.

We decided to take a picture together and there we three different people from three different walks of life, different ages and nationalities all together in one picture. From this point forward, I began to observe the events of the week. I was able to attend a Pre-Inauguration prayer meeting and celebration of America’s relationship with Israel at a downtown D.C. Baptist Church. What I witnessed were people in line around the corner waiting to get into the church. We met people from places throughout the U.S. A woman was there with her three children from Colorado and another women from Arizona and Florida. There we were in line to enter this church to pray to the same God to intervene for the sake of the country. I continued to witness something so beautiful; the prayers of many believers in Jesus Christ praying, lifting hands and praying in the Spirit (speaking in tongues). We were in agreement to pray for the millennial generation. The granddaughter of Billy Graham was there to pray and lead out in this prayer. Also, we prayed in one accord for America’s relationship with Israel and received a messianic prayer blessing for America from Author Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. As he prayed, I could only think of how beautiful this prayer was in the native Hebrew language. As we continued throughout the rest of the week, my friend and I experienced encounters with people who were willing to share who they are, where they are from and differences they may have, but there we are together in one place. There we were in our nation’s capitol. I continued to have deep thoughts about this question. I believe many of societies differences could come together through the simple fact that we all bleed red. My ultimate prayer is if we could put our differences aside, leave the past behind and come together in unity, as one. Let us remember the word of David, “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” Psalm 133:1.

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Be Inspired,

Janet Garcia (Your Life Coach)